Rice sowing target in Kazakhstan exceeded by 11%


Despite the late arrival of spring, planting in Kazakhstan has already almost caught up with last year’s progress, even outpaced it in some regions. The lag in individual grain growing regions results from rainy weather at the plantings time.

According to Kazakhstan’s Ag Ministry, spring spiked cereals were sown on an area of 12.53 Mln ha as of May 31, 2017 (87.5% of the plan) that is 4.6% less than at the same time last year (13.13 Mln ha or 89.6% of the plan).
As of the reporting date, corn plantings already totaled 127 Th ha (89.8% of the plan).

The rice sowing target in the country has already been exceeded by 11%. Kazakh farmers planted 102.7 Th ha of rice by the reporting date, or 14.5% more than at the same time last year (89.7 Th ha).




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