Romania – top EU exporter of barley to third countries at start of 2017/18


Romania becomes more and more important player on the grain market of EU. Last season the country was highly successful becoming the top wheat exporter to the third countries among other EU exporters, going neck and neck with Germany closer to the end of 2016/17 MY.  At the beginning of the current season the situation seems highly favorable for barley shipments.

Having gathered second largest barley crop in 2017 and with large carry-over stocks available, Romanian farmers are more eager to let go of their commodity compared to other EU producers. Moreover, this season Black Sea export price for barley looks quite attractive. 

In July 2017/18 Romania was top exporter of barley to the third countries among other key exporters, traditionally shipping in these destinations, reports UkrAgroConsult.

Key markets for Romanian barley in July 2017 were Iran and Saudi Arabia.

UkrAgroConsult expects this season, considering high demand from Saudi Arabia, Iran, Tunisia, Turkey, Romania may again compete with Germany for the second place on extra EU destinations. 

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