Romania. Absence of snow cover increases the risk of frost damage


Below-normal temperatures (down 2-4°C from long-term averages) persisted in the west and northern west of Romania. It was warmer than normal (2°C) in the south and northern east, in the region of Moldova, reports UkrAgroConsult.

The average temperature varied within a range of -8..+10°C. Temperatures peaked at +8°C in the south and bottomed out at -18°C at night in some northern areas of the country, causing soil freeze.

Slight precipitation in the form of snow and sleet occurred in the north of the country (5-10 mm for the week), on the border with Ukraine. Snow lay primarily in mountainous areas and in the northern east.  It was absent in the rest of the country. In the northern regions, a temperature fall below the biological threshold of plants resulted in adverse conditions for winter survival of winter crops. Exposed to the risk of winterkill were crops sown after the optimal time frame and lacking the necessary snow protection.

According to MARS, after December 22, 2016 a steep temperature decrease (-20°C) is expected in the Eastern Europe, reports UkrAgroConsult.




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