Romania. Agroclimatic conditions and winter crops development


Higher-than-normal temperatures were observed mostly in the west and northwest of Romania. The average air temperature was 2-4ºC above long-term normal, varying within -1..+11ºC. Temperatures reached their maximum at +14ºC and minimum at -10ºC (at night in the northeast of the country).

No significant precipitation was seen in Romania throughout last week, reports UkrAgroConsult. Winter crops enjoy sufficient and optimal amounts of soil moisture (0-50 cm soil layer) all across the country except for the southern region of Dobruja.

In view of increased temperatures and adequate soil moisture reserves, the plants will be developed enough when entering the winter and will survive it well. Winter wheat and barley are at stages of three leaves and tillering. Winter rape plants have generated rosettes of 7-14 leaves.

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