Romania becomes a visible player among EU exporters of peas to the third countries


Over 2014-2017 sowing area of peas in EU grew up almost twice as a result of the new agreement on Common agricultural policy (CAP), which in particular fosters higher production of nitrogen-fixing crops and support of the protein crop sector. Those crops, which include dry pulses, protect the soil from erosion and improve soil organic matter.

Previously, pea production in EU was dominated mainly by France, Germany and in recent years Lithuania. In 2017 Romanian farmers also took advantage of the new support measures and doubled sowing area compared to 2016. Share of Romanian sowing area grew to 11% (5% in 2016) among other EU producers, leaving behind Germany and United Kingdom.

In 2017/18 season record crop will allow Romania to become a visible player among other EU exporters of peas to the third countries, reports UkrAgroConsult.

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