Romania continues to diversify wheat export markets


In September 2016 Romania exported record volume of wheat for this month – 820 KMT, which was 2.7 times higher than last September (302 KMT) and exceeded previous record for this month, exported in September 2014 – 731.2 KMT, reports UkrAgroConsult.

In September Vietnam remained key importer of Romanian wheat (190 KMT against 62.6 over the whole 2015/16). Egypt purchased 95 KMT, Jordan – 95 KMT, Spain – 84 KMT, UAE – 51 KMT. Also purchases were seen from such untraditional buyers as Malaysia and Morocco. 

According to UkrAgroConsult data, over the three months of 2016/17 (July-September) Romania exported 2807 KMT of wheat, which was all-time high for the given period and 119% higher than over the same period last season.  This season Romania considerably diversified its wheat export markets.

Over the reporting period Vietnam became key importer of Romanian wheat (752.3 KMT), replacing Egypt. Jordan remains at the third place with 200 KMT, now even increasing purchases against the same period last year (123 KMT).

High volumes were imported by Sudan and Italy. Also Romania manages to retain the market of Ethiopia this season (114 KMT against 0 KMT in the first half of 2015/16).



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