Romania. Corn harvest to be complete by the end of October


Low air temperatures persisted in the north and west of the country (2-1°С below normal). They were 2°С above normal in the south. Daytime air temperatures stayed within +6..+17°С throughout the week. Frost events down to -2°С occurred in the north on the night of October 15.

The 5-cm soil layer was heated to +9..+22°С that favored the development of winter crops, whose planting is actually complete. Winter wheat and barley have proceeded to tillering in some fields. Rape plants have developed 3-6-leaf rosettes. Early-ripening rape varieties were seeded into dry soil that may lead to their reseeding with winter wheat or spring crops in spring.

Low precipitation rates (10-15 mm) were registered in the north of the country. Soil moisture content in the 20-cm layer is at sufficient and optimum levels in many regions – this contributes to normal growth of crops.

Soil moisture oversupply is reported locally in the south and north of the country. Moisture shortages are registered in small areas across the eastern and south-eastern parts of Romania.

Romanian farmers will complete the harvest of late corn varieties by the end of October. The average yield of arriving corn is higher than last year, reports UkrAgroConsult.

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