Romania: corn in the south is already milky ripe


Air temperatures in Romania were at long-term normal levels this past week (+17..+27°С). Only in the south-east, in the Danube Delta region, the average air temperature was 1-2°С above normal.

Heavy rains continue all over the country. Their amount in the south-west exceeded the normal monthly rate (60-80 mm), while the north-east received some 50-65 mm.

This precipitation favored development of spring crops. At the moment, soil moisture supply (0-100 cm layer) is at optimal and nearly optimal levels in almost all the regions. Drought is reported locally in the Danube Delta area (the region of Dobruja).

Rains slow down fieldwork and continue deteriorating the quality of wheat, whose harvest is not complete yet in the north.

Corn is at the flowering stage, even at milk and wax ripeness in single southern fields. Sunflower is at the seed-filling stage. Corn and sunflower crops are mostly in good condition.




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