Romania. Crop-killing conditions developed locally in the west and center


Air temperatures in Romania continued falling this past week. They were 4-6°С below long-term normals all over the country. Night temperatures reached -23..-25°С. Daytime air temperatures varied within -10..-3°С over the week.

Abundant precipitation occurred in the south and north of the country (25-35 mm), and snow cover of 6-20 cm high was established. The remainder of the country got 5-15 mm of precipitation. There is snow everywhere, protecting winter crops from winter-kill. It was only absent in some western and central areas – this posed a threat of crop damage, particularly regarding winter rape. Winter crops are in the state of dormancy.

It became warmer on March 3, and the average air temperature currently varies within -1..+5°С. The weather improvement will allow farmers to intensify preplant tillage.

Sleet and rain are expected in South Romania this week. Previous snowfalls will contribute to soil moisture accumulation. The moisture supply is at fair and optimal levels in all of the farming regions, except for the north and northeast of the region of Moldova, reports UkrAgroConsult.

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