Romania. Current wheat exports to Egypt are now ahead of last year


In December 2016 Romania exported another record volume of wheat - 704 KMT. December volume was shipped to Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Turkey, Libya, Morocco, reports UkrAgroConsult.

Thus, since the beginning of 2016/17 (July-December) Romania exported 4537 KMT of wheat, which was two times higher than over the same period last season. Current export pace is higher than in 2013/14 KMT, when Romania exported record high volume of wheat – 5012 KMT.

In the reporting period shipments increased almost to all key export destinations. Vietnam remains key buyer of Romanian wheat – 838 KMT against 62 KMT over July-December 2015/16. Moreover, current exports to Egypt are now ahead of last year – 726.4 against 687.6 KMT.



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