Romania decreased wheat exports by 17%


Over July-March Romanian wheat exports equaled 3.8 KMT, which lags behind last season`s record pace by 17% (15% in the previous month) due to lack of shipments to Morocco and Ethiopia. Over the same period of 2016/17 MY exports reached 4548 KMT, reports UkrAgroConsult.

Egypt remains first among buyers of Romanian wheat, importing 814.9 KMT. Though, import pace is now 12% slower than last year due to higher competition from Russia at GASC tenders.

Second largest importer is Spain, which purchased five times more y/y. Moreover, better demand is seen from Jordan, Sudan and now Libya.

Ethiopia lowered imports to 226 KMT (391.4 KMT). This season Morocco is not among buyers of Romanian wheat due to higher competition from France (321.9 KMT over July-March 2016/17).

March export volume was 24% lower than over the same month of 2017 (537.56 KMT).



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