Romania decreasing rape meal exports


Romania exported 100.5 KMT of rape meal in July-January 2017/18, or 8.4% less than at the same time last season (109.7 KMT). The country exported 137.1 KMT of this commodity a year ago. The decline in rape meal exports results from growing demand for rapeseed in the EU this season, reports UkrAgroConsult.

As before, the top buyer of Romanian rape meal is Israel, which bought 31.2 KMT (35.5 KMT in July-January 2016/17). Spain also reduced purchases to 15.86 KMT (20 KMT), while Morocco slashed them to 13.2 KMT (18.68 KMT). No shipments to Iran have been registered this season, though the country purchased 16 KMT of Romanian rape meal last season.



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