Romania exported 6.7 MMT of wheat in the 2016/17 season


In June 2017 Romania exported 176 KMT of wheat, which was 2.6 times lower than record, achieved in June 2016 (455 KMT).

Thus, since the beginning of 2016/17 (July-June) Romania exported 6716 KMT of wheat, which was absolute record for the country. Previous record of wheat exports was set in 2014/15 – 4874 KMT, UkrAgroConsult notes.

In the reporting period exports to Egypt decreased to 1109.5 KMT compared to last season (1258 KMT over July-June 2015/16). Vietnam made the last purchase in November 2016, but still has large share in Romanian export structure - 838 KMT (62 KMT).

Morocco became the third largest buyer with 647 KMT (0 KMT). Libya imported 324.8 KMT (258.8 KMT), UAE and Turkey increased imports to 305 KMT (35.77 KMT) and to 293 KMT (1.7 KMT in 2015/16), respectively.



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