Romania exported record volume of wheat in March 2017


In March 2017 Romania exported 627 KMT of wheat, which was 64% higher than record, achieved in March last year (383 KMT), reports UkrAgroConsult.

Key buyers of March were Morocco, Egypt, Jordan, UAE, Sudan, and Turkey.

Thus, since the beginning of 2016/17 (July-March) Romania exported 5970 KMT of wheat, which was 70% higher than over the same period last season (3465.5 KMT) due to additional imports from Hungary and Bulgaria this season.

In the reporting period Vietnam remained key buyer of Romanian wheat – 838 KMT against 62 KMT over July-March 2015/16. Current exports to Egypt are now ahead of last year – 983  against  927 KMT.



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