Romania. Farmers continue harvesting corn


Above-normal air temperatures persisted all over the country. They were 2-4°С above normal in the east of the country.  Daytime air temperatures were within a range of +22..+27°С. They reached +30..+32°С in the eastern and southern regions.

High precipitation rates were registered in the north and north-west (65-80 mm over the week). So, they considerably exceeded the normal monthly amount and replenished soil moisture content. The weekly rates were at normal levels in the rest of the country, except for the rain-free south-east, reports UkrAgroConsult.

High air temperatures cause yellowing and rolling of leaves in corn; farmers continue harvesting this crop.

Pre-plant tillage is complicated by moisture shortages in the southern, western and eastern regions. Favorable conditions for planting are developing in the north of the country.

More information on crop conditions and progress of harvesting campaign in the countries of Black Sea Region is available to subscribers for weekly market report "Black Sea Grain & Oil" by UkrAgroConsult.



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