Romania. Good weather and improving growing technologies favor grain crops


Compared to last year average yield grew almost by 10% due to favorable weather conditions and improving growing technologies. Growth of average yield was seen not only in winter crops, but also in corn thanks to the required amount of precipitations in summer.

Third year in a row Romania gathered high grain crop, this year thanks to the record crop of wheat.

Despite positive tendency in grain production 2017/18 grain exports are expected to be lower than last year.

This season lower exports are envisaged in wheat, in the first place due to weaker interest to Romanian wheat in Vietnam. Moreover, slowdown in purchases are forecasted for Egypt in the second half of 2017/18 MY, considering high competition from Russia.

Lower wheat exports might be partially compensated by higher barley shipments in the destination of Saudi Arabia and Iran, as well as by higher demand for Romanian corn from EU countries, where another summer drought was seen.

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