Romania. Harvesting of winter barley and rapeseed close to an end in the south and west


Decreased air temperatures set in across Romania last week. The average air temperature varied within +14..+25°С, being 2-4°С below long-term normals.

Heavy precipitation has been observed in the country for a third straight week. In some northern and southern localities, its rates exceeded monthly normals (80-125 mm over the week). Soil moisture oversupply is reported in the northern and central regions. The rains replenished soil moisture supply in region previously exposed to drought. They favored spring crops, though being detrimental for the quality of winter crops, whose harvesting is going on. Farmers in the southern and western regions have finished harvesting winter barley and rapeseed, reports UkrAgroConsult.

Corn plants have proceeded to the silking stage, even their flowering is already seen in some fields. Sunflower is at the stage of flowering.

Grain harvesting started in Moldova

Mixed air temperatures and local abundant precipitation events were registered in the country between June 25 and July 1. The average weekly air temperature was mostly within +18.0..+21ºС, i.e. 0.5-1.0ºС below normal.

The weather conditions over the week were mainly fair for growth and development of crops. Downpours observed after June 28 hampered grain harvesting. However, the rains considerably replenished soil moisture content and improved conditions for crop growth and development.

Winter crops were fully ripe in most of Moldova, being locally at wax ripeness. Farmers have started harvesting grains.

Corn was still at the leaf formation stage, though silking has begun in some early-planted fields. Sunflower plants have begun flowering in most of the country, though their heading still continued in spots.

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