Romania. High temperatures continue to downgrade corn yields


Last week excessive air temperature regime retained in many agricultural regions of Romania. Air temperatures exceeded the norms by 1-8ºС and varied within +14…+27ºС with maximums reaching +32ºС in the South and South-East.

Light rains were observed only in the Western, North-Western regions. Though, in the main producing regions of Southern and South-Eastern parts of Romania they were almost absent. This was not favorable for the plants, which are at the final stages of development and ready to be harvested.

In the Northern regions corn plants are going through the stages of wax-complete maturity. Romanian farmers continue to harvest corn in the Southern and South-Eastern regions. They report on the lower corn yield, which was anticipated earlier.

Weather conditions were favorable for sowing of winter grains. Farmers continue to sow winter wheat and barley. In the Northern regions winter crops are going through the first stages of development.

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