Romania. In August 2016 wheat exports were record high


In August 2016 Romania exported record volume of wheat for this month – 1250 KMT (736 KMT in the previous month), which was 88% higher than in August 2015 – 663.35 KMT and 46.6% higher than the previous record, observed in August 2013/14 (852.75 KMT), reports UkrAgroConsult.

In August key importers were – Vietnam, Spain, Egypt, Djibouti, Indonesia.

Also France imported unusually high volume of Romanian wheat for a month - 71 KMT (46 KMT over the whole 2015/16 MY). Over the last 5 seasons French imports averaged 31 KMT of Romanian wheat per season. 

Over the two month of 2016/17 (July-August) Romania exported 1986 KMT of wheat, which was all-time high for the given period and 103% higher than over the same period last season (978 KMT).

Over the reporting period Vietnam became key importer of Romanian wheat (562.77 KMT), replacing Egypt, which imported 127.56 KMT (372.56 KMT over July-August 2015/16). 



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