Romania: meteorologists forecast heat and substantial precipitation shortages in August


Increased air temperatures (up +4..+6°С from the long-term average) dominated the south-west of Romania over the week under review. Daytime air temperatures were within a range of +15..+26°С. They reached +34..+36°С in the south-west that was unfavorable for growing spring crops (corn and sunflower).

Precipitation occurred in the south of Romania (10-15 mm over the week). In the south-west, its rates were far above the normal weekly amount (35 m).

Soil moisture content (one-meter soil layer) is at sufficient, optimum levels in most of the growing regions. The topsoil is too wet locally in the south-west. Moisture shortages are reported in the western regions bordering on Hungary.

Corn is at the silking and cob formation stages. In the south, where increased temperatures provoked rapid growth of corn, its plants are at milky ripeness. Sunflower is at the stages of flowering to seed ripening. Crop condition is primarily good.

Farmers in Romania are finishing the harvest of winter wheat and rape.

Meteorologists expect drought and increased temperatures in the west, south-west and south of the country in August.



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