Romania. No threat of winter kill


An air temperature increase was registered in Romania this past week. In the south and south-east, the average temperature was 6-9°С above the long-term normal value and peaked at +16°С on February 3. In the north, the average temperature was 4-6°С above normal. Daytime air temperatures varied within -5..+9°С throughout the week.

The north-west of the country received a lot of precipitation (25 mm) in the form of rain and sleet – it exceeded the normal weekly amount. In West Romania, precipitation rates totaled a normal 5-15 mm over the week. Snow cover remained mostly in mountainous areas.

Winter crops in the south grew slowly due to elevated air temperatures. They stayed dormant in the rest of the country, reports UkrAgroConsult.

Plants of winter wheat and barley are at the stages of three leaves and tillering. Rape plants have developed 7-14-leaf rosettes. Winter crops are mostly in good condition. No threat of winter kill was registered this past week.

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