Romania outperforms Russia and Ukraine on the wheat markets of Jordan and Ethiopia in 2015/16


Same as in May, in June 2016 Romanian wheat exports were an absolute record for this month - 415 KMT. Previous record was set in June 2015 (86.8 KMT) and in the last 5 seasons average wheat volume exported from Romania in June was 52 KMT.  High export pace in June was observed due to the high demand from Sudan, Libya, Yemen and continued exports to other key purchasers – Egypt, Jordan and Djibouti.  Moreover, in June Romania exported first cargo to Arab country of Oman – 18.1 KMT, thus opening the new export markets, taking into account the decreasing Egyptian demand.

In 2015/16 (July-June) Romanian wheat exports lowered due to decreased demand from Egypt (1260 KMT against 1490 KMT in 2014/15), as Egypt preferred to increase purchases from Ukraine and Russia. Spain imported 366 KMT against 337 KMT in 2014/15, increasing imports from Ukraine almost by 50% in 2015/16.

Still, this season Romania outperformed Russia and Ukraine on the markets of Jordan and Ethiopia, having exported to these countries 772 KMT (654.7 KMT in 2014/15) and 443 KMT (98 KMT in 2014/15), respectively. Also due to higher purchases in the last few months, exports of Romanian wheat to Libya reached 259 KMT (247.6 KMT in 2014/15).



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