Romania. Rainfalls replenishing soil moisture content in many agricultural regions


Increased air temperatures (2-4°С above the long-term average) were registered all over the country. Daytime air temperature stayed within +8..+17°С throughout the week.

The 5-10-cm soil layer warmed up to +5..+13°С. This was favorable for growth of winter crops. Plants of winter wheat and winter barley are at the emergence and tillering stages.

Rape plants have developed rosettes of 4-9 leaves. In the south, where soil moisture supply is at an optimum level, the plant development pace is ahead of the long-term average, reports UkrAgroConsult.

Rainfalls occurred all over the country. Heavy precipitation was registered in the south of the country (80 mm a week, or far above the normal monthly rate). In many regions, soil moisture content in the 0-20-cm layer is at sufficient and optimum levels, contributing to normal crop development. Soil moisture shortages are reported locally in the east of the region of Moldova and in the south-east of the region of Dobruja.

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