Romania. Rains considerably replenished soil moisture stocks


Last week air temperature continued to decrease all over the territory of the country. Almost in all parts of Romania average temperature was 2-4 ºС lower than multiyear norms. Average air temperature was within  -1..+13ºС, with maximum reaching +18ºС and minimum lowered to -5 ºС in the night time. Local soil frosts were observed.

Second week in a row rains of various intensity were observed throughout the country, informs UkrAgroConsult. In the major part they varied within 25-35 mm over the week, but in the North-East (Moldova region) their quantity reached 100-125 mm, causing flooding. Over two weeks rains replenished soil moisture stocks considerably, which was favorable for further development of winter crops. Lack of soil moisture is observed locally in the central region of Dobrogea (Danube`s Delta), in the North-West regions bordering with Hungary and in the Southern parts, bordering with Bulgaria.

5-cm soil layer warmed to +4..+12ºС, which was favorable for winter crops development. Winter crops condition is good in the regions with sufficient soil moisture stocks.

Plants of winter wheat and barley in the Southern and Eastern parts entered the stage of tillering. Winter rapeseed undergoes the stage of emergence –formation of leave rosette.

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