Romania. Rains have replenished soil moisture stocks


Elevated temperatures were registered in the west of the country (2-4°C). Last week average air temperature reached +32°C. Daytime air temperatures were within a range of +17..+26°C.

Last week precipitation occurred all over the country (15-35 mm over the week or 75-120% of the weekly norm), which was favorable for crops development. Locally in the west precipitations equaled 65-80 mm, causing field floods. In some regions they fell in the form of hail.

Winter crops are still exposed to soil moisture shortages in some regions of the west and in the Danube Delta region, reports UkrAgroConsult.

Moisture supply in corn plantings (0-50-cm soil layer) is at good and satisfactory levels almost all across the corn growing regions.

Winter barley and winter wheat are at the stages of flowering, though cereals have already proceeded to milky-wax ripeness in southern areas where enough soil moisture is available. Winter rape plants currently develop pods and seeds therein. Rape is already fully ripe in some southern fields.

Corn plants continue to develop leaves. Sunflower has formed 7-21 true leaves per plant.

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