Romania. Soil drought in the south undermining the crop’s potential


Increased air temperatures persisted in Romania throughout last week. Air temperatures in the south and west were 4°С and 6°С above long-term normal, respectively.

Daytime air temperature varied within +15..+25 °С over the week. It reached +29°С on the Hungary border on May 11.

Abundant precipitation was seen in the south (15-35 mm over the week), favoring grain and oil plantings that had already started suffering from soil drought. The northern regions received 5-15 mm of precipitation over the week. 

Active evaporation of soil moisture due to high temperatures is observed in north-eastern and central parts of the country as well. European meteorologists say the summer of 2018 may be the hottest in 37 years.

Winter crops are mostly in goseod condition. Winter rape crops have proceeded to the stages of blooming and seed formation everywhere. Winter barley and winter wheat are at the heading stage; their flowering has started in the south, reports UkrAgroConsult.

Sunflower plants have developed the first pair of true leaves, while corn is at the stage of third leaf.

Moldova. Rainfalls improved growing conditions for crops

Warm, rainy weather was seen in the country on May 7-13. The average weekly air temperature was 2-3ºС above normal, at +17...+18ºС. The highest air temperature was registered at +28ºС and the lowest one hit +3ºС.

Over the week, 60% of the country received mostly 9-20 mm of precipitation (75-160% of weekly normal), while 20% of Moldova got 25-40 mm (200-400% of weekly normal). Precipitation rates in the rest of the territory totaled at most 3-8 mm (30-70% of weekly normal).

The crop growing conditions improved in most of Moldova during the week thanks to moderate air temperatures and rainfalls replenishing soil moisture content.

At the time, winter crops were mainly at the heading stage, though their flowering already started in single areas (2-3 weeks ahead of usual time).

Spring barley was at the tillering stage, while peas were still at the stage of third true leaf, locally at the beginning of inflorescence emergence.

Farmers were finishing corn and sunflower planting. Over the week, the average soil temperature at the 5 cm and 10 cm depths varied from +19ºC to +23ºС.

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