Romania. Soil moisture stocks are at optimal levels


In the reporting week it got warmer in Romania. Though, in the northern districts bordering with Ukraine, average air temperatures were 2°С below long-term normal, while in the central parts they were higher than multiyear norms by 2-4°С.

Daytime air temperatures varied within -2..+6°С over the week and on March, 10 rose to +16°С in the south of the country.

Little precipitation was observed (5-10 mm) and mainly in the West of the country. Snow cover melted everywhere, except for the mountain area. Winter crops are in the state of dormancy.

Snow melting was beneficial for soil moisture accumulation. The moisture supply is at fair and optimal levels in all of the farming regions, except for the north and northeast of the region of Moldova, reports UkrAgroConsult.

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