Romania. Wheat exports decreased by 14%, barley exports grew by 20%


WHEAT. Over July-April 2017/18 Romanian wheat exports vis ports equaled lagged behind last season`s record pace by 14%, UkrAgroConsult notes. In April Romania exported about 350 KMT of wheat. April export volume was 30% higher than over the same month of 2017.

Egypt remains first among buyers of Romanian wheat, importing 23% of total wheat shipments. Though, import pace is 5% slower than last year due to higher competition from Russia.

Second largest importer is Spain, which purchased five times more Romanian wheat y/y. Moreover, better demand is seen from Jordan and Sudan.

Ethiopia, Vietnam and Turkey significantly lowered their imports. This season Morocco is still not among buyers of Romanian wheat due to higher competition from France (429.92 KMT over July-April 2016/17).

Over July-March 2017/18 Saudi Arabia increased imports of Romanian barley by 12% y/y

BARLEY. Over July-March 2017/18 Romania shipped 20% more barley via ports than over the same period last season, UkrAgroConsult’s analysts note. Moreover, the volume now exceeds total barley shipments through ports in 2016/17.

Saudi Arabia continues to be the main destination for Romanian barley, that purchased 12% higher than over the reporting period last season.

In March 2017/18 Romania exported 48 KMT of barley to extra and non EU destinations, which was almost 300% higher than in March 2016/17. Saudi Arabia was the key destination in the reporting month, importing 46 KMT. April shipments of barley were almost absent.

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