Romania. Wheat production prospects in season 2018/19


Winter wheat plays a key role in crop rotation of Romania, occupying nearly 38% of total cereals planted area in the country. Nevertheless, farmers’ discontent with low wheat prices offered by traders, as well as soil moisture deficit during the autumn sowing campaign caused some reduction of wheat acreage for the 2018 crop.

The tendency to reduce wheat planted area has been seen in Romania for the second consecutive season. Producers prefer to expand the area of more profitable rapeseed. As it was last year, favorable weather during wintering brings hope for a high average yield, which can more than offset the acreage decrease. The country is on the verge of another bumper wheat crop. However, the weather in spring will be a decisive factor.

The first UkrAgroConsult’s estimate of Romanian wheat yield in the 2018/19 season is slightly lower than last year. Wheat production is also expected to be lower than last year, however, this figure is 8% higher than five-year average for the country.

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