Romania. Winter cereals are at the stages of 3rd leaf and tillering


Elevated temperatures were observed in the west of the country (up 1..8ºC from the multi-year average for the time). The average weekly air temperature varied within +4..+17ºC. Maximum temperatures were registered at +25ºC in the western and central regions and minimum ones at -4ºC in the north at night.

During last week rains fell primarily in the northern and central regions, where their rates totaled 5-15 mm. It was dry in the south of the country. At the same time, soil moisture supply (0-100-cm layer) in western and central parts of Romania was still insufficient due to elevated temperatures, reports UkrAgroConsult.

Winter cereals are at the stages of 3rd leaf and tillering, though stem elongation was observed in some western areas due to high temperatures.

Winter rape plants developed 8-16-leaf rosettes. This crop proceeded to the shooting stage in the southern and eastern regions.

The soil warmed to +6-15ºC (the 5-cm top layer) that favored its preparation for spring planting. Romanian farmers have started sowing of spring barley and early cool-season crops such as peas and alfalfa.

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