Romania. Winter grain conditions remain good


Gradual warming was observed on the territory of Romania. Average air temperature varied within +2..+9 ºС. In the South it grew to +19 ºС, which was 2-6 ºС higher than average multiyear norms for the given period.

Snow cover melted in the key producing regions. By the end of the reporting week it was only noted in the mountainous areas.

Precipitations occurred everywhere in the form of rain and sleet (5-15 mm over the week) with higher intensity in the South-East, which reached 25-35 mm.

In the Southern regions slow vegetation was observed in the grain crops, reports UkrAgroConsult. Winter barley and wheat conditions remain good. Winter rapeseed is in good and locally in satisfactory condition. Plants formed 8-13 leave rosette.

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