Romania. Winter wheat condition is good and excellent in the south


It was abnormally warm in Romania in the first half of the week. Air temperatures were 2-4°С above normal in the north and 4-6°С above normal in the south.

Daytime air temperature varied within +4..+9°С throughout the week. Winter crops grew slowly in the south of Romania due to unseasonable warmth.

A cold spell of down to -5°С occurred on March 16, and 25-35 mm of snow fell during the week. It sleeted and rained in the south (15-25 mm), therefore farmers were forced to suspend fieldwork.

Previous precipitation contributed to moisture accumulation in the soil. Moisture supply is at a fair, optimal level in all of the country’s farming regions. Moderate drought is locally observed in the north and north-east of the region of Moldova.

Farmers in the southern and northeastern agricultural regions are fertilizing winter crops and reporting exceptionally good condition of winter wheat, reports UkrAgroConsult. However, the yield potential will depend on further weather. If plants get enough precipitation in May and April, another abundant crop will hopefully be obtained.

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