Romanian corn exports are 46% behind 2014/15


In April 2016 Romania exported 139 KMT of corn (185.7 KMT in the previous month), which was 71% lower compared to record high exports of April 2015 (484.1 KMT). Netherlands (33 KMT), Algeria (25.4 KMT), Iraq (25.1 KMT) and USA (21 KMT) were top buyers in April 2016.

Over September-April (2015/16) Romanian corn exports are 46% behind the volumes exported over the same period of 2014/15 (2431.2 KMT against 4491.54 KMT) due to lower corn crop of 2015. Over the reporting period top buyers of Romanian corn – Spain and Netherlands decreased imports to 805.8 KMT (-38%) and to 663.1 KMT (-49%), respectively. The most impressive decrease is seen in the destination of Turkey 183.77 KMT against 500 KMT (-63.3%) as Turkish corn crop of 2015 had been record high.





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