Romanian corn lost South Korean market


In July 2016 Romania exported 111 KMT of corn (187 KMT in the previous month), which was almost three times lower than record volume shipped in July 2015 (324.14 KMT) and lower than average volume in the previous 5 seasons for this month, reports UkrAgroConsult.

It should be noted that export geography squeezed considerably closer to the end of the season due to decreased corn stocks. In July 2016 main importers of Romanian corn were Turkey, Netherlands and Bulgaria.

Since the start of 2015/16 (September-July) export pace is almost two times lower compared to the same period of 2014/15 due to low corn crop in 2015.

Over the reporting period key buyers of Romanian corn of the previous season lowered their purchases – Netherlands by 41%, Italy – by 38% and Turkey by 65.6%.

Moreover, almost complete loss of South Korean market should be mentioned. Over September-July 2015/16 the country imported only 14.97 KMT against 559.6 KMT over the same period of the previous season.

More detailed information Ukrainian corn market, including the data for 2010-2016 period, is available in UkrAgroConsult’s study “Ukrainian corn: from raw material to processing”.




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