Russia. 2016 grain harvest exceeded 120 MMT


The Russian Statistics Service adjusted its data on Russia’s 2016 grain harvest. So, the new figure for the Russian total grain crop equals 120.67 MMT (the previous one was 119.1 MMT).

According to the update released by the Russian Statistics Service, the wheat harvest amounted to 73.295 MMT against the previous figure of 73.268 MMT and the corn harvest totaled 15.3 MMT (13.8 MMT).

The harvest data on other crops in Russia did not change significantly. In total, growers harvested 17.99 MMT of barley (as a reminder, 17.55 MMT was registered in 2015), 2.5 MMT of rye (2.1 MMT), 4.76 MMT of oats (4.5 MMT), 1.08 MMT of rice (1.1 MMT), 1.186 MMT of buckwheat (861 KMT) and 572 KMT of millet (493 KMT).

Taking into account the newly issued Russian statistics, UkrAgroConsult raised its estimate for Russia’s 2016 grain production to 119 MMT. In particular, the overall corn crop forecast was increased by 800 KMT to 15 MMT and the forecast for barley was, on the contrary, cut by 400 KMT to 18 MMT. The wheat production estimate for the country was left unchanged at 72 MMT.



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