Russia. A plant in Blagoveshchensk started industrial refining and packing of soybean oil


A soybean oil refining and packing plant named “Zhemchuzhyna Amura” has been opened in Blagoveshchensk (Amur region), Zerno On-line reports.

The plant’s capacity is 50 MT a day. The facility will release 15 million one-liter bottles of refined soybean oil or 3 million five-liter ones.

This is the second stage of an oil-extraction plant of LLC ANK-Holding. The first one has been operating since 2014. The facility made two products: soybean meal (an important component of protein compound feeds) and soybean oil. The meal was shipped all over Russia, up to Sankt-Petersburg, while 100% of the oil was exported to China, where it was processed. From now on, its processing will be conducted in Amur region.

The holding will secure 50% of feedstock supply for the plant: the company farms 40,000 ha of crop land. Another 30 KMT a year will be purchased from farmers in Amur region. The soybean oil will be made entirely from high-quality Amur raw material free of GMO.

This is not the only facility of this sort in Amur region: a plant for advanced soybean processing was launched in Belogorsk in September. The latter is capable of processing 240 KMT of soybeans a year.



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