Russia. Agrilogistic hub in Primorye to stimulate exports of agricultural commodities


The Head of Russian Agrarian Ministry, Alexander Tkachev said that in 2018-2019 an agri logistic hub should be launched in Primorsky region, it should stimulate exports of agricultural products from Russia.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, annual turnover of the agri logistic hub in Vladivostok will exceed 1 MMT. The agri logistic hub will increase processing volumes, stimulate agricultural export deliveries, develop domestic trade, promote end agricultural products to new premium price markets in Asia-Pacific region, UkrAgroConsult informs.

In addition to Primorsky hub, Zarubinsky and Zabaikalsky grain terminals are planned to be launched as well.  By 2020 estimated capacity of terminals will reach 3 MMT and 8 MMT of grain handling respectively.



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