Russia. Barley exports down 4.5%


Russia exported 638.4 KMT of barley in the first month of the new 2018/19 season, or 4.5% less than in July 2017, reports UkrAgroConsult.

As Russian wheat exports in July 2018 (3.8 MMT) were almost six times as high as those of barley, it can be supposed that Russian grain exporters focused specifically on wheat at the beginning of the new season. Consequently, other grains took a back seat.

Nonetheless, it is worth noting a boost in supplies of Russian barley to its traditional and biggest buyer. So, Saudi Arabia imported 337.9 KMT of grain in the reporting month, or 39.3% more than in July 2017/18.

The second biggest importer of Russian barley – Iran – purchased 104.4 KMT in July 2018/19. During the month under review, Saudi Arabia and Iran absorbed a combined almost 70% of total barley exports from Russia.  

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