Russia became the largest supplier of barley to Iran


Russia exported 392.2 KMT of barley in March 2018, i.e. 30% more than in the previous month and twice as much as in March 2017.

4.5 MMT was supplied to foreign markets during the first nine months of MY 2017/18 (July-March) that is already 49% more than in the whole of MY 2016/17.

Traditional major importers of Russian barley such as Saudi Arabia and Iran substantially increased purchases this marketing year. Saudi Arabia boosted imports by 32% in July-March 2017/18, when it purchased 1.6 MMT against 1.2 MMT in the whole of MY 2016/17.

Iran stepped up imports of Russian barley considerably this season in view of noticeably expanded domestic use of this product. In the period under review, Iran imported 147% more Russian barley than in the whole of MY 2016/17. This is the largest ever volume of Russian barley supplied to this market, reports UkrAgroConsult.

Traditionally, the top supplier of barley to Iran is Kazakhstan. However, taking into account rapidly growing domestic consumption of barley in Iran, the country actively makes up for its shortage by importing the commodity from other Black Sea countries too. Kazakhstan supplied some 1.07 MMT of barley to Iran in the same period.

After a pause in MY 2016/17, Russia resumed shipments to countries such as Kuwait and Tunisia this marketing year.  

At the same time, Russian exporters halved their barley deliveries to Libya. No barley was shipped to Morocco, the United Kingdom, and Germany.

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