Russia can increase milk production by 5 million tons per year


Russian milk producers can increase annual production by 5 million tons to 35 million tons

This reldata can be achieved through improved feeding of livestock and its contents, said the Minister of agriculture of the Russian Federation Alexander Tkachev in an interview with RIA Novosti.

"Today, the genetic potential of dairy cattle is used by only half, but with proper feeding and housing, we can obtain more than 35 million tons of milk every year", — said Alexander Tkachev.

He added that "in order that we could refuse to import milk, we need to increase production to 5.7 million tons by 2020".

"To achieve the planned results it is necessary to increase the number and improve the quality of reproduction of cattle", — said the Minister.

"To improve the situation in the industry with the new year, we will strengthen measures to support, so, will increase the size of grants for farmers who are engaged in meat and dairy cattle breeding with 1.5 million rubles to 3 million rubles, and for family livestock farms from 21.6 to 30 million rubles", — said the Minister.

He recalled that at the end of this year is expected to increase production, "however small, slightly less than 1% or about 30 million tons, but we have managed to maintain the previously achieved growth rate in agricultural enterprises and farms at the level of 3%".

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