Russia doubled barley exports and increased corn exports in 2017/18


CORN. Corn exports from Russia in June 2017/18 totaled 583.2 KMT. They were 3% higher than in the previous month and 31% higher than in June 2016/17, reports UkrAgroConsult.

Russia supplied 5.25 MMT of corn to foreign markets in September-June 2017/18, or 2% more than in the same period last year.

Turkey, Iran and South Korea are the top three importers of Russian corn. Their combined export share equals 75% in MY 2017/18. In the period under review, these countries imported 40% more corn than in the whole of MY 2016/17, UkrAgroConsult’s analysts note. 

The EU is one of the few key buyers of Russian corn that has reduced its purchases this season. In September-June, corn exports from Russia to the EU plummeted by 61% against the same time last season, to 340.9 KMT.

BARLEY. According to preliminary data, 2017/18 barley exports from Russia were up 94% year-over-year at a record 5.8 MMT (excluding the Customs Union), reports UkrAgroConsult. Exports slowed down in June – this is a normal trend for the end of season. So, according to preliminary data, Russian barley deliveries to foreign markets (excluding the Customs Union countries) totaled 359.8 KMT in June that is down 43% from May.

The country stepped up supplies to almost all major end markets. So, Saudi Arabia imported 86% more barley than in MY 2016/17. Shipments to Iran were boosted by 183%, to 1.4 MMT. The most significant rises were seen in exports to Turkey (563 KMT against 50 KMT last season) and to Qatar (136.7 KMT against 29 KMT in MY 2016/17).

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