Russia. Early spring fertilization of winter crops advancing in favorable conditions


Warm weather set in across most of European Russia on April 1-10. In the west of the North-Western federal district, in most parts of the Central district and in the south of the Volga one, the highest air temperature reached +10…+15°C toward April 10, while the average air temperature was 2-4°C above normal.

Under the impact of warm weather, snow cover in the fields was melting and getting compact. No snow was left in the west of the North-Western federal district, in most of the Central district, in the southernmost areas of Volga district and in the north of the Southern district by April 11. The processes of soil thawing and warming started there.

In the majority of the Black Soil regions, where the conditions were already favorable, farmers started early spring fertilization of winter cereals. Across the remaining areas, winter cereals stayed under snow cover throughout April 1-10. Its height varied from 5-10 cm to 25-30 cm.

The conditions were fair for winter cereals to complete the wintering season. The lowest soil temperature at the tillering node depth (3 cm) was largely -3…-1°C. It is only in some northern parts of the Volga federal district where winter crops were still exposed to the risk of damage by rotting-out, reports UkrAgroConsult.

In most of the Southern and North Caucasian federal districts the average daily air temperature was 2-3°C above normal. Farmers fertilized winter crops and sowed early spring cereals and feed crops. The agrometeorological conditions were favorable for conducting spring fieldwork on most days. Winter cereals grew in most areas. The agrometeorological conditions were mainly favorable for growth and development of winter crops, their moisture supply was good. Crop condition is rated good, locally fair.

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