Russia facing unfavorable conditions for yield formation in late crops


Much-colder-than-normal weather persisted in most of the Central, North-Western and Volga federal districts on July 1-10. Downpours occurred in most of the territory over 4-9 days of this period. It was often accompanied by increases of wind, thunderstorms, locally even hail. Precipitation rates totaled primarily 35-70 mm, or one and half to three times the normal amount for these ten days. Some points received 85 to 140 mm of precipitation that is far above the normal monthly rate.

The soil was too wet in many parts of the above-mentioned territory. Along with abnormally cold weather, this resulted in adverse conditions for yield formation in late heat-loving and vegetable crops. Crops were locally damaged by hail.

The meteorological conditions were mainly fair for yield formation in winter and early spring cereals, but plant lodging was observed in areas where abundant rains were accompanied by strong wind. In the south of the territory, winter crops are at milky grain ripeness, even at waxy ripeness in some fields (roughly a week ahead of the average time). Early spring cereals formed heads and flowered in most areas; they reached milky ripeness in some southern fields. Leaf formation continued in corn exposed to decreased heat supply.

The Southern and North-Caucasian federal districts saw abnormally warm weather from July 1-5. The rainfalls were mostly of minor intensities: 5 to 15 mm of precipitation was registered there over the ten days. Only isolated northern and Azov coastal areas received 20-30 mm and more, even with local hail occurrences, which damaged crops. Winter and early spring cereals were at waxy and full ripeness. Their large-scale harvest was under way, complicated by crop lodging in some fields and locally interrupted by rain (1-3 days for this period). Tasseling and flowering were observed in corn, while leaf formation continued in its late-sown fields.



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