Russia harvested 9.7 million tons of coarse and succulent fodder


Mass harvesting has not yet begun in the Siberian and far Eastern Federal districts

According to 5 July 2017 in all categories of farms in Russia harvested 9.7 million tonnes of rough and juicy forages (excluding the carryover of last year).

The total demand for rough and succulent feed for the winter 2017-2018 is 30.2 million tons of fodder units or 17 quintals of feed units per conventional head. In the whole country for one conventional head harvested 1.9 centners of fodder units, or 11.3% of the demand.

Harvested 2.6 million tons of hay, 6.4 million tons of haylage, laid 611,6 thousand tons of green mass for silage.


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