Russia. Harvesting of grains and pulses


According to official data, by September 12 Russian farmers had threshed 37.4 Mln ha (79.2%) of grains and legumes against 32.5 Mln ha by the same date in 2015. 101 MMT was harvested with average yield 2.7 MT/ha (in 2015 – 81.5 MMT with 2.51 MT/ha).

Wheat was threshed from 23.5 Mln ha (84.9%) against 19.8 Mln ha. Farmers gathered 69.8 MMT with average yield at 2.97 MT/ha (2.75 MT/ha in 2015).

Barley was harvested from 7.6 Mln ha (90.7%). Gross production reached 18 MMT, and the average yield was 2.37 MT/ha (2.32 MT/ha in 2015).

Corn was harvested from 184.9 Th ha (6.4%) against 302.5 Th ha by the same date in 2015. Farmers gathered 938.5 KMT with average yield at 5.07 MT/ha (5.04 MT/ha in 2015).

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