Russia harvests record amount of wheat


The wheat harvest increased 18.6% from the previous year.
Russia harvested 73.3 million tonnes of wheat, a record amount, up 18.6% from 2015. According to the Russian Federal Center of Quality & Safety Assurance for Grain & Grain Products, 34.6 million tonnes of cereal crops were exported, including 25.3 million tonnes of wheat.

The amount of milling wheat rose to 51 million tonnes compared to 48 million tonnes in the previous years. The country harvested 15.9 million tonnes of third grade milling wheat in 2016, which compared to 22 million tonnes in 2015.

Russia’s corn harvest was up 5% to 13.8 million tonnes compared to 13.2 million tonnes a year earlier.

Soybean also rose to a new record of 3.1 million tonnes harvested, up 14.5% from 2.7 million tonnes in 2015.


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