Russia has increased purchases of milk powder from Turkey and New Zealand


Cause of the increase in purchases from these countries is the low cost of production

Russia in the first quarter of 2017 significantly increased its imports of powdered milk and condensed cream of foreign countries, weza during this period, 15.2 thousand t of this product for $39.7 million is 3.7 times more in volume and 4.5 times more in monetary terms than a year earlier.

The Director of analytical Department Soyuzmoloko Alexey Voronin comments RBC noted that the significant increase in supply is associated with price competition between Belarus and far-abroad countries (including New Zealand, Turkey, Iran).

    "This development is not surprising, according to the laws of the market is the strongest market, in this case the one who can give lower price. New Zealand, Turkey, Iran taken to the Russian cheap milk", - said the expert, noting that price competition in the Russian market is very high, while Russian manufacturers are unable to compete with foreign suppliers, as the cost of production much higher prices of imported products.


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