Russia has reduced the import of dairy products


2 months of 2017, the country reduced purchases of dairy products 10.3%

Import of dairy products to Russia in first 2 months ago of the current year amounted to 16.8 thousand tons ($17.2 million), up 10.3% less than the same period of 2015, however, by 17.2% more than in 2014.

In the structure of import of dairy products by type the largest share of sour cream (about 36%), yogurt (20%) and yoghurt (10%).

The main external supplier of dairy products in Russia is the Republic of Belarus, which provided the Russian market of fermented milk products by 95% compared to other suppliers.

After the introduction of Russia's special economic measures against a number of countries with the Russian market took milk products from Finland, France, Lithuania, Germany and other countries, providing previously about 40% of imports.


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