Russia imported meat from ASF regions of Ukraine


The Rosselkhoznadzor is concerned about the increased volume of supplies of Ukrainian meat and oil from ASF areas

Rosselkhoznadzor revealed a significant volume of deliveries of oil and meat from Ukraine, in certain regions where there is an epidemic of African swine fever (ASF), said the Minister Sergey Dankvert.

"Very concerned about the Ukraine, because across the border began to go absolutely large quantities of oil, meat. It all stops, and in prosperous areas. And in Ukraine (ed.), the development of African swine fever (pigs – ed.). We have already delayed certain meat products from Ukraine to the genome of African swine fever", — said Sergei Dankvert in an interview with TV channel "Russia 24".

The Rosselkhoznadzor in 2016, returned to Ukraine to 58.8 tons of products of plant origin, which tried to import into the Crimea through the checkpoints on the border, reported the regional Department of the Ministry. These products were discovered by the inspectors of the Rosselkhoznadzor in hand Luggage and Luggage of passengers.


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