Russia. Inconsistent quality of new-crop wheat


The federal agency Grain Quality Assurance Center started monitoring the new-crop grain quality from June 29, 2017. It examined 37.3 MMT of grains (wheat, barley and rye) by September 14, informs UkrAgroConsult.

32.3 MMT of soft wheat (44.1% of the total crop) was surveyed in 45 regions of Russia. 37.4 MMT of soft wheat (52.5%) was examined by the end of the reporting period last season.

The survey revealed 22.2 MMT of milling wheat (68.6%). The 2016/17 volume included 26.7 MMT of milling wheat, or 71.3%.

Broken down by grade, no milling wheat of 1st grade was revealed (neither in 2016), 2nd grade accounted for 0.1% (not revealed in 2016), 3rd grade for 21.5% (22.3% in 2016), and 4th grade for 47% (49.1%). The revealed feed wheat of 5th grade amounted to 10.1 MMT, or 31.3%, against 10.7 MMT (28.7%) a year ago. Off-grade wheat represented 0.1%.



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